Birthday Chronicle ( Artwork ONLY )

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Our software cannot print information for the year 2016.


 Artwork ONLY

Designed on high-quality lithograph Parchment paper.

Print Size:  8 ½” x 11” 

The Birthday Chronicle covers information about the year you were born, including what was going on in world news, sports, what movies and songs were popular, who won the academy awards, what the prices of common goods were (bread, milk, etc.) and more!

Background Selection:  Parchment   

Please limit name to:  24 letters

News around the world
Greeting from the US President at the time of birth
Celebrities who share the same birthday
Cost of living
Cost of housing
Cost of foods
How many days since birth
World Series winner
Academy award winners
Songs of the year

NOTE:  Please use proper case.  Do not use ALL capital letters.  We will not be responsible for errors if you do.  Double check your information carefully to avoid errors. 

Products are from a smoke-free / animal-free environment.

DISCLAIMER:  The information provided in these prints is auto-generated by our software. We have no control of what they include. The prints are for entertainment purposes only and we are not liable for the accuracy of the content. 

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