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Hello, and welcome to the My Creative Books Blog!  I’m so happy to have you here so we can share exciting information about how our books can jump start learning,  assist school children academically, provide various activity / reading tips, and keep learning fun.

Since this is the first of many posts, let me begin by explaining a little about the books at My Creative Books.  Our children’s stories were created so that children of all ages can either read the stories, or follow along until they can read the book themselves. 

Our books are custom made . . one at a time . . just for you.   

Books are broken down by categories for easier browsing.  One category is Shop By Age, but by no means, our suggested age ranges are not meant to limit your options to the listed books in the particular age category because some children read on levels different from their peers.

No matter the occasion, you can present a gift that will become a lifetime keepsake.  You see, our books are personalized and makes your child the “Star” of the storyline.  Not only is your child’s name used throughout the book, his/her friends and relatives can be incorporated into the story too.  This is a motivator to get your child interested in books and want to learn to read.

Now, our books are not only for children.  There are some humorous gag gifts for the adults that will bring a smile to their face.  Is your hubby or relative interested in baseball and always had a secret dream of being a professional ball player?  Well then, surprise him on his birthday or anniversary with the personalized book Baseball’s Unsung Hero.

What about the fisherman who always talks about the “one that got away.”  Present him with the Fishing Adventure that is sponsored by Bass Pro Shop.  Don’t forget the golfer who wants to be or thinks he’s a professional golfer,  The Golf Adventure is for him.

Within the next few months the schools and colleges will be having graduation ceremonies.  Present them with a Graduation Book that holds memories of their school days.  Different versions are available from Kindergarten, High School to the College graduate.

Until next time – have a Blessed day!


Readers Today . . . .  Leaders Tomorrow!