Blog - February 2017

February 21, 2017

When to Begin Reading

Creating an interest in books and learning to read begins at an early age. Hmmm, how early? 

Well, some say start reading to your child while still in the womb.  Now, does this have any connection to a child’s later education learning, it’s difficult to say.  However, there are benefits to both the mother and the baby. 

For example, a friend of mine said when she was pregnant the baby always moved and was restless. She noticed that when she read a story book to her son she felt a difference.  Each day she set aside story time for her two year old in the early afternoon just before his nap time.  Throughout the morning the baby would be restless, but when she had story time with her son the baby calmed down.  Whether reading a story only to your baby in the comfort of the womb or reading to a sibling, the baby hears the sound of Mommy’s voice and begins to make a connection.  The soothing and rhythmic sound of reading  is not only relaxing for the baby, but for the sibling and Mommy too.

Having story time serves two purposes. 1.  The baby calms down by the sound of Mommy’s voice.  2.  Provides quality  time with the sibling and allows him or her to interact with the story characters, shapes, colors, ask questions, answer questions – creating a new world of involvement through reading a book.

Dr. Seuss books have always been a favorite for a lot of people, but also include our personalized books in your collection of reading materials.  

Don’t limit yourself to only reading to your baby, play music while you’re relaxing or sing to your baby.  Better yet, just hold a conversation with your baby and plan out your road map of life.

There’s more than one way to create the connection between you and baby before welcoming your precious gift into your world.

Until next time – have a Blessed day! 


Readers Today . . . .  Leaders Tomorrow!



February 23, 2017

Benefits of Early Reading


 Early exposure to books is what it’s all about.  Reading begins at home – your child sitting on your lap or snuggled on the couch listening intensely and hanging on to every word.  As a parent you are the first and most important link to establishing good reading skills. 

Children like to mimic their parents, so let them see you like reading books.  Don't save those newspapers, magazines or novels until after your child is in bed.  Begin reading storybooks with your child at an early age, and make reading time fun and entertaining.  Use emotions and voice fluctuation to emphasize different characters or conditions within the story.  Let him/her look at the book while you read and answer the inquisitive questions.  Use this time to point out objects, colors, numbers, etc. to keep it interesting.

Try to set aside a special time each day that you and your child can enjoy a book together without interruption.  Be mindful and don’t pressure your child to stay put longer than he or she can sit still without beginning to fidget.  Your child will signal you when he or she begins to get tired.   Let this be your clue that story time has ended.   When first starting out the story time activity, it will take some adjusting so it might be best to let your child dictate the length of time spent reading.  After the activity becomes standard, you’ll notice that your child will sit and listen for longer periods of time.

Our personalized books range from newborns through teen and adult humorous gag gifts.  For the little ones just beginning their venture with books, Little One, Little One What Do You See is an excellent book.  Colorful illustrations, animals, numbers and more.  This will be an attention getter.

Personalized books are not only unique, they’re educational and inspirational. Give a child a book he/she is interested in and that encourages the desire to read.  Reading not only helps with language development and word recognition, it also builds  self-confidence, self-esteem and develops a positive attitude toward learning.

So, gather a good book and let’s get this new venture started!

Until next time – have a Blessed day!


Readers Today . . . .  Leaders Tomorrow!