First Name Meaning and Origin

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What Does Your Name Mean and Where Did Your Name Originate?   

Now available are keepsakes for First Name Meaning and Origin. Use the first name of someone you love to create a personalized gift that is sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Each keepsake is laser printed on beautiful acid-free, lithograph art background. Your print will never smudge, smear or yellow with age. This is important – your recipient is going to cherish this print forever!

A wonderful personalized gift that says: "This gift was made especially for you."

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Information Reveals:

The First Name origin and meaning  includes the name’s origin, meaning, and 7 personality traits associated with the name, including: Emotional, Personality, Relationships, Travel & Leisure, Career & Money, and Life’s Opportunities.  May also include Dedication line (optional -your statement). *** Let us know if you want to include astrological information and lucky numbers.


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