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 My Guardian Angel

This is for a Print ONLY.

A quality certificate showing a biblically accurate description and name of your personal Guardian Angel. Everyone has a Guardian Angel assigned to him at birth. Your birth date determines which Angel is given the duty to guide and protect you throughout your lifetime.

There are seventy-two Guardian Angels grouped into nine "Choirs' or families of eight Angels each . Each "choir" has a Prince Archangel that leads his family of Angels.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in these prints is auto-generated by our software. We have no control of what they include. The prints are for entertainment purposes only and we are not liable for the accuracy of the content.

Print Size:  8 1/2" x 11"

Artwork Selection:

Angel Bears 


Hands with Doves

Heavenly Friends – Boy C

Heavenly Friends – Boy E 

Heavenly Friends Girl – C

Heavenly Friends Girl  E


Stairway to Heaven

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