My Trip to the Fire Station

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My Trip to the Fire Station - Personalized Safety Book

Safety Tips for Fire Prevention and Fire Safety

My Trip to the Fire Station is a personalized story that teaches the essentials of fire prevention and fire safety. If your child is ever in a fire, this book could save his/her life!

At the station, your child and his friends get to meet real firefighters and take a tour. First, they get to look at all the fire trucks. Next, they learn about the special uniforms and equipment  firefighters use. They also learn what to do if their own clothes catch on fire: STOP, DROP AND ROLL!

Your child is taught never to play with matches or lighters and always give them to an adult, if found. He or she will also learn it is not safe to play near stoves, fireplaces and gas or electric heaters since clothing and paper catch fire easily.

Other lessons are taught in this educational book, such as how to contact the fire department, what to do if they see or smell smoke and why an escape route is so important. This book can be used to store emergency names and telephone numbers for your child to keep close at hand. Don’t let your child go another day without this valuable book!


  • Ages:  5-10
  • Wipe-clean hard cover
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • Laser printed text
  • 35 pages
  • Published by Create-A-Book

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