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No More Diapers - Motivational Video

The No More Diapers DVD is an excellent motivational aid to help with potty training.  

Winner, 2006 iParenting Media Award.

Your toddler will be captivated by No More Diaper, a delightful animated story about a little bear who gives up diapers for big kid underpants. A proven toilet training aid that your little one will want to watch again and again, No More Diapers is guaranteed to jump-start your child's potty training.

With fun sing-along songs including Wonderous Underrous Pants, Underwear is Great, and Congratulations March, your little one will enjoy watching No More Diaper again and again. Before long, your child will be more diapers for me!

BONUS:   Includes the following items:

1)  Thirty colorful No More Diapers potty training reward stickers are included with the DVD

2)  A No More Diapers Sticker Chart can be downloaded free. 

3)  Potty training Diploma can be downloaded free.    

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