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No More Diapers - Personalized Children's Book

Who Is CAB

Create-A-Book is the publishing company for this version of No More Diapers

How Does This Book Help With Potty Training

Diapers will soon be a thing of the past! If your child is starting to get curious about the potty, or you think the time is right for training, this book helps encourage him/her to take the next steps.

Our story shows a cute toddler bear learning how to use the potty and wear real underpants. It also expresses what your child may already be feeling, such as noticing that siblings and friends wear underwear...what a convenience! Bragging rights are high after getting a new pair of "big boy underwear” or big girl panties."

This personalized book will help your child understand the need to begin using the potty.  This potty training aid is fun and information is put forth in a very caring way.


  • For ages:2-4
  • Wipe-clean hard cover
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • Laser printed text
  • Published by Create-A-Book

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Product from a smoke-free / animal-free environment