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The Retirement - Personalized Book

Time To Celebrate Retirement

Present the retiree with this humorous personalized retirement book.  Take a look at the activities he/she can do to fill those once hectic hours of a work day.

Hilariously funny, yet sincere at its core, this personalized gift will draw belly laughs from even the most cynical of retirees.

[Tom] often worked twelve hours and slept twelve hours. His boss was upset because they were the same twelve hours. 
While most people fear the economic uncertainties of retirement, [Tom] and [Peg] had nothing to worry about. [Tom's] motto was "A penny saved is a penny earned." His sound investments over the years had built a comfortable nest egg. 

"How could I be out of money? I still have checks left!"
[Tom's] retirement get-together was attended by family and special friends. As always, [Tom] tried to entertain everyone with stories about his achievements, however small. The enraptured crowd hung on his every word. They had to - it was his party!



  • For Retirees
  • Wipe-clean cover
  • Black and White illustrations
  • Laser printed text
  • 36 pages
  • Onion skin sheets
  • Autograph pages
  • Clear photo sleeve  (for those group photos)
  • Published by Create-A-Book

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